I've always dreamed vividly. Often when you think back on a dream it feels like a vague haze, but there are also some that feel like lifelike nightmares. One night when I had problems falling asleep, it felt like someone walked into my room. I tried to move but my body was paralysed. A shadowman tried to choke me and pulled me out of my body. I woke up scared and spent the rest of the night doing research. I had suffered from sleep paralysis. When you sleep, your muscles paralyse to prevent you from performing the movements in your dreams. During a sleep paralysis you are on the border of dreaming and being awake. In my night life, this state has become normal for me. In my short Paralysed Nights I try to give shape to the feeling of my experience that very first night.

Best student-animation film

Culturele Zondagen x Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2023)
NOX FILM FEST, Salto, Uruguay - Winner 'Best film made by woman' (2023)
Ladybug Festival 2022 Kulturnatta, Göteborg, Sweden (2022)
ANIMAZE - Montreal international Animation Film Festival, Montreal, Canada (2022)
FluXus Animation Film Festival, Zaandam, The Netherlands (2022)
Brommerbios  x NFF x RAUM, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2022)
ASIFA-SOUTH Animation Festival and Conference, Atlanta, USA (2022)
Skepto International Film Festival, Cagliari, Sardina, Italy - Finalist 'Best Animation & Stop Motion Special Award' (2022)
Sveriges Kortfilmfestival, Stockholm, Sweden (2022)
Monstra - Lisbon Animation Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2022)
Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands - Winner 'NFF Kepler animatie prijs' (2021)
Paradox International Short Film festival, Pune, India (2021) - Finalist (2021)
HKU Blikvangers FilmfestivalUtrecht & Amsterdam, The Netherlands  (2021)
HKU Exposure, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2021)
Midas van Jaarsveld - Sounddesign
Anne Reitsma - Voice actress​​​​​​​

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